Kudos 18.3.1 CPU load is _much_ lower

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by rlhamil, Jun 9, 2023.

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    Never had a CPU problem with older macOS guests (say Mojave and older). But Catalina and up as guest, perhaps esp. when guest is newer version than host (trying out the new version first), such as Monterey host and Ventura guest (both Intel), CPU has previously always been very high and taken long to settle following graphical login and all that starts up (not so bad just ssh'ing in).

    That scenario (Monterey host, Ventura guest) is very nicely faster, maybe even faster than the Mojave guest used to be (haven't tried that yet, wanted to try the worst one first having seen the mention of improvement in the release notes).

    Most of my VMs are only up when I need them or am updating them (daily, most days), so anything that slows startup or settling enough that my multi-system monitoring (Xymon) goes red, is a time waster for me. This will save me at least a few minutes every day, so thanks!

    Thought that when you get it right, you should hear appreciation, not just complaints the rest of the time. :)
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