Losing internet connectivity between Ethernet and AirPort

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    Parallels Desktop 7.0.15054 on Mac OS X 10.7.2 running Windows 7 Professional with all service packs and updates applied. Running on 2007 MacBook Pro with 2GB RAM allocated to the guest OS and 6GB RAM total.

    Previously I was able to use Parallels and Windows 7 just fine whether the Mac was connected to WiFi or to an Ethernet cable connection to a LAN and the Internet.

    But today, in the same location that I work at several days a week, I could not get Windows 7 under Parallels to recognize the WiFi connection.

    I used Parallels at one location with the Mac's Ethernet network adapter. Parallels is configured for "Default Adapter" in bridge mode and network and Internet connectivity work fine.

    However, at another location there's no Ethernet, so I use WiFi. When I boot up Windows 7 in Parallels, Windows 7 tells me that the network adapter is disconnected and there's no network connectivity--even though the Mac side still surfs the Web, gets email, and sees other network devices on the LAN.

    While Parallels is running, I've tried switching to different network adapter options in Parallels ("Airport" or "Ethernet" as opposed to "Default", to no avail. I cannot get network connectivity with Windows 7 in Parallels when the Mac uses WiFi.

    How can I troubleshoot this? Do I need to clear out some cache in Parallels? Do I need to run some command line commands in Windows 7 to clear out the IP 4 settings (DNS cache, DHCP, ipconfig, etc.)?

    I have already tried de-installing Parallels Tools from the Windows 7 guest OS and re-installing it. Nothing seems to help.

    When I got back home and plugged in the Ethernet connection, everything worked normally. But not with WiFi.
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