Mac Dock Not Available in Windows 11 on M1 MacBook After Installing Parallels 19

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by GregoryG, Aug 22, 2023.

  1. GregoryG

    GregoryG Bit poster

    After I installed Parallels 19 the Mac Dock isn't available when I am in the Windows 11 virtual machine on my M1 MacBook. It works fine when I first open Windows but if I open a Windows application the Dock no longer is available. The only way I can back to the Mac environment is to shut down Windows
  2. Mikhail Ushakov

    Mikhail Ushakov Parallels Team

    Hello Gregory,
    Would you share a video recording, please? Tested locally - it works for me.
    What Dock settings do you have enabled on Mac?
  3. ZacharyB6

    ZacharyB6 Bit poster

    A few of this believe is an issue and I think Paralles Team has acknowledged it as an issue. I'm tracking here...
  4. PaulZ4

    PaulZ4 Bit poster

    This is absolute typical BS from Parallels (and most software developers). We have to 'prove' it over and over despite the copious reports of the issue. Why do we need to recreate it? Because they want to drag their feet. It is absolutely unimaginable they don't know about the issue. Its such an obvious one, there is no way it got through developer/beta testing without arising. They chose to release the product and not tell the power users the issues they will run into.

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