\\Mac\Home\Desktop can't be accessed in Windows 10

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    Hi all,

    Additionally to the problem with above mentioned mount point there are more mount points which can't be accessed anymore. This symptom came along almost 4 weeks ago. I am not sure whether there was a Windows patch update shortly before having this problem.

    Are there any new or recent patch updates on Windows 10 which are not known to me and interfere with Parallels?

    What I did so far:
    Although I followed already a dozen of tips and threads about this issue here, I couldn't manage to eliminate above mentioned error. I checked the name of mount point in Parallels config on Mac side and on Windows side. Seems to be the same like before.
    Of course I was looking already to several posts about this subject and followed already several times "re-install Parallels Tools" procedure from menu "action", but it didn't help. I have the impression nothing happens while "re-installing". There is neither any processing status bar or watch nor a note window "successfull re-installed".

    Any other hints and tips are very welcome.

    I am running OS X El Capitan [10.11.6 (15G1217)] on a MacBook Pro [mid 2012] with Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Pro Edition [Version 12.1.3 (41532)]. Under Parallels Desktop I am running Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

    Kind regards
    Hans BelliB Bellers
  2. Hi, please try the scenario 2 or 3 from this KB article for and reinstall Parallels Tools once again, just for check.
    And we have 1 more question for you: did you use this article. If not, please try.

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