MacBook Pro 16 randomly not going to full sleep mode

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by DawidM, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Hello, unfortunately without the report's ID we won't be able to find your report. Could you please collect it once again and share the report's ID with us?
  2. youngsinatra

    youngsinatra Junior Member

    Luckily I wrote down the ID of the last report:
  3. Hello,
    thanks a lot for the provided information.
    Did you try the following settings?
    Hardware > CPU & Memory > Hypervisor > select Apple
  4. youngsinatra

    youngsinatra Junior Member

    I tried it before and it caused a problem with a program I am using in Windows. I now tried it once again took the time to find a solution for that issue. And it is working now.
    But this is a workaround not a fix of the Problem. Using a different Hypervisor is not fixing the issue the native Parallels Hypervisor has. This bug was in the Version 15 of Parallels and was not fix in minor updates. But it is still around in Version 16. This seems unacceptable for me if I regularly have to pay for updates of full versions (or have a subscription) and the bug is not fixed for such a long time. You should really fix this!

    And for anyone who considers switching the hypervisor. I highly recommend doing a backup before that. It caused some issues with one of my virtual machines that were not soled by switching the hypervisor back to Parallels. Luckily I do backups on a daily basis so I was able to go back. It just happened once and the next time I switched it my VM was fine. I could not determine what was the issue.
  5. I'm having the exact same issue as the other members in this thread. I can't believe this has not been fixed yet. My Technical Report ID is 353912652. Why is this not fixed yet?
  6. Hello, did you try to change the HV to Apple and check the issue?
  7. I made this change 3 days ago and it seems to have resolved my issue. Thanks.
  8. MichaelP64

    MichaelP64 Bit poster

    Good topic, thanks! I had a similar problem but my friend resolved it, he's better than me ;)
  9. tito12384

    tito12384 Bit poster

    I also have this same problem - both the battery drain during sleep and needing to press the power button to wake the computer up. Switching to the Apple hypervisor has not solved the issue.

    I just filed a technical report - my report ID is 355053729.
  10. Nickv2

    Nickv2 Bit poster

    Hi - I've also been facing this issue for quite some time - is there any update available regarding this issue? Additionally; what is the consequence of using the Apple hypervisor?
  11. youngsinatra

    youngsinatra Junior Member

    I don' think this problem is solved. I haven't tried it with the last Update yet but I'd be surprised if they fixed this without mentioning it in the release notes. At this point I think this issue persists over a year and across multiple main versions. They probably won't fix this at all which I think speaks for itself.
    I'd also be interested what the exact difference and consequences are when using the apple hypervisor.

    Here is a more general description of what a hypervisor actually is by parallels itself. You can find a lot more detailed explanations when googling but since we are talking about parallels let's take their official explanation.

    I found this discussion in the parallels forum where people seem to have mixed results but mostly favour the apple hypervisor due to some issues with the parallels one.
    On the other hand the parallels support posted this reply on the first page of the discussion:
    Hi, Apple hypervisor comes short of the following matters comparing to the Parallels hypervisor:
    - Performance: slower on VM startup and shutdown
    - Stability: may crash more frequently
    - Functionality loss: no PMU, nested virtualization, thermal monitoring, energy profiling
    Parallels Hypervisor is the best one.

    Paul Chris

    This is a discussion on stackexchange regarding the topic.
    Another explanation from parallels regarding the adaptive hypervisor option.

    Let's hope parallels support can actually give us a more detailed explanation here.
  12. ChrisM54

    ChrisM54 Bit poster

    Is there any update on this issue? It makes using the laptop away from home a real hassle.
  13. Hi, are you running the latest Parallels Desktop build?
  14. DanieleB5

    DanieleB5 Bit poster

    Hello, I confirm to have the same problem on Mac book pro 16 Catalina 10.15.7 with parallel Desktop lasted version.
  15. Hello, could you collect the tech report once the issue reproduced and post the report's ID here please?

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