Microphone not working on Windows 10/Parallels 15

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by KathleenM1, Jan 15, 2020.

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    I've spent the better part of the afternoon trying to get my microphone to work on the windows side. I do get audio through the headsets, but no input goes to the microphone when operating from windows. Several different microphone inputs work fine on the Mac side (running Catalina). I've checked privacy settings on both MAC and Windows and both are showing as being fine. I looked at the drivers on the Windows side under Device Manager and it shows as High Definition Audio Device. Any suggestions? I've worked through most the troubleshooting guides - many of which do not look like they are for Parallels 15 - but have not had any success. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Hello, I have the same problem, can not use the Mac microphone from the Windows 10 installation, as well as the webcam of the Mac. the MAC speaker is working properly.
    If I use a USB headset and assign the USB port directly to Windows, then this microphone also works.

    The MAC microphone is displayed as ready for use in the device manager under Windows. The security settings in the MAC OS also allow microphones and webcams for parallels. Use is also permitted in Windows.
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    Same issue here. The microphone actually works intermittently, but can find no reason why. Works fine in MacOS
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    I had to "allow access to the microphone and camera on this device" within Windows. I found it in Settings -> Privacy. Then along the left hand side you can select camera and microphone and change the settings.
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