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    I want to keep Windows 10 install exactly as it is on my parallels, with programs and data etc, but I want to move windows to bootcamp instead of continuing to use Parallels. So I'd like to know the steps for doing this. Why am I doing this? Because my Mac mini is approaching 10 years and parallels (I have the most recent version and am running it on my Mojave os. Parallels/windows runs so slowly that I can click something and it takes forever to respond, ie 5-10 minutes. It's has simply become unusable. Just to load windows can take 30 minutes. A person at the MS store said it can be done but that I'd need to return to the store when a specific genius would be there. I've yet to return. Apple said the given the age of my Mac mini and the problems I'm having that I could enhance using windows by changing to bootcamp since it uses the full power of the Mac OS. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Hi, please check some workarounds here

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