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    I want to keep Windows 10 install exactly as it is on my parallels, with programs and data etc, but I want to move windows to bootcamp instead of continuing to use Parallels. So I'd like to know the steps for doing this. Why am I doing this? Because my Mac mini is approaching 10 years and parallels (I have the most recent version and am running it on my Mojave os. Parallels/windows runs so slowly that I can click something and it takes forever to respond, ie 5-10 minutes. It's has simply become unusable. Just to load windows can take 30 minutes. A person at the MS store said it can be done but that I'd need to return to the store when a specific genius would be there. I've yet to return. Apple said the given the age of my Mac mini and the problems I'm having that I could enhance using windows by changing to bootcamp since it uses the full power of the Mac OS. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Hi, please check some workarounds here

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