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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by carlosrodzbotet, Sep 18, 2011.

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    I'm new to both Apple and Parallels so this might seem like a simple question but I've received different answers.

    I'm currently using a 2011 Mac Air with factory installed Lion OS (4GB & 128GB), Parallels 6 with Windows 7 (64), external Iomega portable hard drive with 2 partitions (1 exclusively for Time Machine & 1 for Carbon Copy Cloner where every week I clone the entire Mac Disk including Parallels partition). I purchased all three last month and everything is working to my delight for what I'm using it for.

    I have just received a Build 12106 update for Parallels 6 and also another email telling me I can now get the free upgrade offer to Parallels 7. I know how Windows Restore works but don't know about Mac regarding this so here are my questions for these scenarios to see if I can better understand the process:

    Scenario 1- I update to the new Build 12106 for Parallels 6 and it doesn't work as it was before

    Scenario 2- I upgrade to Parallels 7 and it doesn't work like Parallels 6 is working for me. I say this because I've been reading this forum and there are so many issues with 7 that I'm afraid to switch from Parallels 6 which is working fine for my needs although I'd like a few of the new things it does (like remote with the iPhone or iPad) plus it's a free upgrade and the current version.

    In Windows I could just Restore and it would revert to the way it all was before and delete any new programs I had installed. Can I just open Time Machine and restore to how I had it yesterday without the update or do I have to uninstall everything and start all over again maybe from the Cloned drive that had all the previous versions installed that were working correctly?
  2. Craig Givant

    Craig Givant

    My recommendations

    1. Stay away from Version 7. As you noticed it is chock full of issues and I assume the tech team is swamped because it has been four days and they still have not provided fixes and/or resolutions to my particular issues. You personally may not experience any of them, but if you are happy where you are at I say stay put.

    2. Version 6 is a mature product that has been through several iterations of updates. Each one fixing bugs and adding features. I personally wish I would have stayed there and while I can always go back, I have spent many hours (over 8 at this point) of my time finding "work-arounds" that at least have me productive on version 7. My hopes (expectations) are that eventually everything will get sorted.

    3. Read the release notes regarding the Version 6 update and determine if you "need" any of the fixes and/or improvements. If not, again, you could just stay where you are.

    Now, with all this said, the key file for your virtual machine is the .pvm file. This IS your VM. It will be named "your virtual machine name".pvm. Backing up this file will insure that you have an exact copy of your VM in the current state it is in. Keep in mind that Time Machine may not (probably is not) backing this file up. For extreme security copy this file to a backup device and put it away for safe keeping.

    Once that file is safely stowed away pick an option above and proceed. Chances are that if you choose the Version 6 update it will simply install, talk you through some steps and you will be good to go. If for some reason there are issues, you will have a couple of choices:

    A. Uninstall Parallels and the re-install the previous version
    B. Use time machine to restore your computer to the state it was in before the update.

    Once either of these are accomplished you should be able to simply open the .pvm file and be right back where you started. Probably even without employing the use of your backup .pvm file. Again, copying that file was "extra" insurance.

    If you decide to go the version 7 route you should be advised that doing so will force you to update Parallels Tools from within your VM. Once this is done the only way to use that VM in a prior version is to uninstall Parallels Tools, uninstall Version 7, Reinstall version 6, open the VM in version 6 and reinstall the version 6 of parallels tools.


    Unistall version 7, reinstall version 6 and open your backup .pvm file.

    Other options are for you to experiment with and learn how to use "snapshots". These are simply snapshots in time of your virtual machine but these snapshots are stored inside the .pvm file. This is for another discussion.

    Bottom line.... if you want the ultimate insurance, in my opinion backing up the .pvm file is the way to go. Snapshots work well and would probably suffice but if you have backed up that .pvm you are covered no matter what.

    Good luck!

  3. carlosrodzbotet

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    Thanks !! I'm going to have to immerse myself into snapshots, Time Machine , etc. because look at all the people who have seen this thread and apparently nobody has a real clue as to how the work. You're the only one who has given me options here.

    Thanks for your reply.

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