Opening an old PVM HDD file

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    I had a mac a few yeas ago and ran paralells on it. The machine that i had running was win 7 based and now i found an old copy on an even older HDD.

    The complete folder is there and i can see lots of files under the hdd folder....

    How do i get access to the hdd of his VM ....
    I want to look into the container and see if i have still files left in there ....
    Is there an Program that can mount those files ?
    Is there windows windows software for this?

    I since moved on and have changed all my systems to windows and no access to a mac!

    I know this must be possible because all the other vendors have Mounting software (or there are tirdparty softwares available).

    What i want:

    To look inside the HDD file of this machine and search for data. Maybe there is something left from back then that i need to archive before deleting everything.
    The vm does not need to be booted into windows, i just need root FS access to the container.

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    [​IMG][/url][/IMG] [​IMG][/url][/IMG]
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    pvm1.PNG pvm2.PNG
    Thats what it looks like ...

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