Problems with Skype, AdobeReader and file sharing in Parallels 18.3.1

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    Fresh installation of MacOS 13.4 in host and guest.
    Parallels Desktop 18.3.1
    Fresh installation from Skype (Downloaded from Microsoft)
    Fresh Installation from Adobe Acrobat Reader (Downloaded from Adobe)

    Problem 1: Skype is showing a broken login screen:

    Problem 2: Adobe shows a error message after start then a big grey box and can neither used nor stopped.
    • Adobe starts and i can see the main window with last files. After some seconds an error message box occurs with the message: "Adobe has encountered a problem. Some features may not work as expected.". After pressing "OK" a big grey box occurs and nothing is clickable in the Adobe window. The menu entry "Quit Adobe Acrobat Reader" is not clickable.
    • Same try as for Skype above: The main window is useable. After clicking on the "Welcome"-PDF to edit it the again the message from above. A greyish window is above the viewed PDF (this time with window decoration). After closing that same message again. OK -> greyish window without window decoration (not close able). Again the menu entry "Quit Adobe Acrobat Reader" is not clickable.
    • Tried reinstallation -> same results.
    • Any ideas?

    Problem 3: Shared folder from host is sometimes not available from guest.
    • Via "System Settings > General > File Sharing" i shared a folder from host to the guest.
    • Usually the guest finds the host and the shared folder is available in the guest. Sometimes the host is not reachable from the guest.
    • If i am logged in to a WIFI network with the host it seems to work often.
    • If WIFI is disabled accessing the host from the guest fails often.
    • The Mac will be used in a setting where in the most cases the network is not provided over WLAN. So this might be a problem.

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