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Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by rexie, May 19, 2022.

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    My SSD is nearing capacity and I noticed that snapshots were using a significant amount of space according to the 'Windows 10' configuration', 'general' tab. Of course I checked out how to delete snapshots, as I figured I didn't need the older ones, pressed 'delete' and then waited hours for the process to finish.
    'Windows 10' configuration' now shows snapshots = 41.11GB of 95.08GB total, and when I select 'actions', the 'revert to snapshot' is greyed out.
    I read some previous posts, checked 'windows 10.pvm' and files associated with snapshots using 'show package contents: .pvm = 77.85GB, 'snapshots' folder =968MB, the .hds files in 'harddisk.hdd' = 52GB and 42GB.

    Now I have a number of questions:
    1. when I want to delete snapshots, should I start with the ones on the right of the tree, or the left, or in the middle? I don't understand the relationships of these or the effect of the order of deletion.
    2. how much space are snapshot actually using given all the inconsistent sizes described above?
    3. why is my 'revert to snapshot' greyed out, even though snapshots exist?
    4. this post ( states that SmartGuard had to be enabled for Time Machine to work properly. What? Are there setting in Parallels that effect whether third party software backup Parallels/Windows properly?
    5. Why do i need to generate snapshots if I use Time Machine and/or Carbon Copy Cloner?
    6. How do I turn snapshots off?
    7. How do I delete all the existing snapshots to free up space?
    Extremely confused ....
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    Can anyone help with this?

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