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  1. CarolineG1


    Please make it possible for Parallels Desktop to fully support STK on a MacBook Pro! The STK graphics will not fully launch (the 3D Earth does not show up). STK Technical Support suggested the problem is with the Mac graphics card, but the MacBook Pro graphics card should work with the program. Please help!
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  2. alev

    alev Parallels Developers

    Hi Caroline,

    Thank you for sharing this issue.
    Can you please share how we can reproduce this issue in our lab? What kind of 3D Earth app you are using? A download link would be great.
    Also can you please reproduce the issue and send Technical Data report to us, so we can check on the same application versions, OS version and hardware configuration. To do so, right after the erroneous behavior go to Help menu and select "Send Technical Data...", then simply copy and post the Report ID here.
  3. HimilconC


    I am having the same issue when trying to run the demo pre-installed scenario called Intro_STK_Space_Systems. STK does not issue an error report or even an error. The 3D window just remains black.
    The point here is that I have installed the free software VirtualBox and a windows 10 guest and STK runs perfectly there, out of the box, with no magic configurations...
  4. NadiaA

    NadiaA Bit Poster

    Hi I am also having the same problem, please help. the Report ID is 341502725, here is the download link:

    When I open STK, the 3D graphics Tab is simply black. Looking forward to hearing back.
  5. YasinT1


    Hi, I have the same problem. My Report ID is 351091677. Please hep! Thank you.
  6. AleksanderT

    AleksanderT Bit Poster

    Has anyone found a solution? I need to use STK but it doesn't seem to work with Parallel. (all CAD and FEA software that I used before worked 100% fine)

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