Targeted Display Mode Full Screen running Windows does not display (3 monitors total)

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    I have a 27" iMac 2012 and the proper Thunderbolt cable from Apple. I have a 2014" Macbook Pro Retina latest model. I have another 24" Dell Ultrasharp. If I close the laptop lid, targeted display mode on the iMac works and I can full screen Parallels on the 27" and everything works fine. If I try to do this with the laptop open, the 27" iMac in TDM will never show up. I just get a black screen. I am running Windows 8.1 on Parallels. Also, if I have all 3 monitors on, and I try to full screen Parallels on the 24" Dell ultrasharp, it works fine. It's only in the scenario if I have the laptop open, try to use it as a monitor, and put parallels full screen on the iMac in TDM. If it's a portion of the screen, it shows up. Coherence mode will also not work with the laptop screen open. If it is closed Coherence mode works ok.
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    Hi Crystaltwix,

    Please follow the steps as suggested below:

    1. Start the Virtual Machine.
    2. Go to VM Configure(> Options-> Full Screen-> Enable "Use All Displays in Full Screen"
    3. Go to Windows Virtual Machine Screen resolution( ) where all the displays connected to your Mac will be displayed.
    4. Turn off the option "Displays have separate Spaces" in System Preferences-> Mission Control. Please note that this would affect all programs on Mac OS.
    5. Restart Windows and Restart Mac,
    6. Open laptop screen, try to use it as a monitor, switch to full screen on the iMac in TDM and let us know how it works.
  3. crystaltwix


    Hi Ram,

    No this does not work for me. I followed the steps you gave me and the same thing happens.

    I have Parallels open, which is showing the login screen for mac, I hit cmd+ctrl+f to get to full screen, even before I log in, and it just craps out. It doesn't show anything but a blank screen. I do see some flickers as it tries to figure out the resolution and a mouse pointer, but other than that, black screen Then when I hit cmd+ctrl+f again to shrink down the screen, then the login screen will show after a period of time (10-15 seconds).

    Also, with that option disabled in Mission Control, is the idea that Parallels would then take up all 3 of my screens? That's what it seems to try to do. When I hit cmd+ctrl+f, it makes all my monitors to go black? What I want is just have parallels full screen on my iMac 27" in TDM mode, and my other two mac monitors, including my laptop, to be their own mac displays.

    Also, as an aside, if I have TDM on, and I have full screen of my Parallels Windows 8.1 machine on my Dell 24" Ultrasharp, that works fine. It's just on the iMac.

    Any other suggestions?
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