Transferring Windows 7 external hard drive to Parallels

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MichaielR, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. MichaielR

    MichaielR Junior Member

    I have a windows 7 pro hard drive from a failed motherboard/computer.
    I have connected it externally to my Mac via usb and want to know if it is possible to transfer the drive to Parallels and create a virtual machine with it?
  2. MichaielR

    MichaielR Junior Member

    Is it possible to create an empty virtual machine in Parallels?
    They talk about it here, but don't say how...
    I can see my hard drive show up in "Network Location". When I double click icon I can see all the file folders just like my other Windows machines.
    I am assuming there is a way to "import" or "clone" the hard drive to a Parallels virtual machine...
    I just haven't figured out how to do it....
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  3. Hey, you can create an empty VM using this steps:
    1. click + to create new VM
    2. choose install Windows or another OS -> click "locate manualy"
    3. Click on "continue without source"

    And then, after installation try to connect your Hard drive to new empty VM using this steps

    Please try and let us know the results

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  4. MichaielR

    MichaielR Junior Member

    The external hard drive does NOT show up a .hdd icon or file. I can see all the folders as if you looking inside the drive...
    Is the .hdd file hidden? If so how do I make it show up?
  5. @MichaielR as a test, could you please restart Parallels Desktop and recheck the issue?
  6. MichaielR

    MichaielR Junior Member

    no difference. I I installed the drive into a pc and it is 5 partitions connected together as one windows machine.
    I am going to use the transfer software in Parallels to transfer the entire contents to the mac...
  7. @MichaielR and did you get maybe any warning message during or after the USB drive connection?

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