Upgrade from Parallels Desktop 11 to 12 was a real downgrade for VM hardware!

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    Recent upgrade from Parallels Desktop 11 to 12 was a real downgrade for VM hardware.
    Inspired by your advertisement offering 25% discount, I bought the latest ver. 12
    The result is disappointing - I cannot use > 8Gb RAM and >4 processor cores of my existing VMs.
    So, I paid for a downgrade in hardware functionality! The refund is requested immediately via PayPal.
    Later on I came across the following thread:
    And my first though was - OK, it is irritating, but I finally can invest a bit more and buy a Pro version, BUT...as explained in the following thread:
    Stopping subscription will make the app not working entirely. This sounds not very encouraging.
    Parallels, are you considering changing your licensing policy?

    I want to have a standalone virtualization app (with a perpetual license) that supports all hardware resources and does not depend on the subscription status. I don't mind to pay for new versions from time to time, but cannot accept any dependency on the subscription status.

    In view of the above, my company will continue using PD11 and consider moving to Fusion 8. Fusion provides 64Gb of RAM in basic version, supports OpenGL 3.3, which is important to run modern 3D CAD software (Siemens PLM), forwards thunderbolt ports etc.

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