Users being Logged out of Parallels 14 for Business after physical restarts Intermittently.

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by IsaacP1, Aug 1, 2019.

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    I am posting here in the forums as the last step to see if anyone is having the same issue I am as Parallels Support has been unable to determine and figure out what is happening after countless tickets countless kb articles countless emails sent by Parallels Support no resolve.

    Some of my users are experiencing being logged out of Parallels Desktop for Business every time they restart their Physical MacBooks Intermittently. I no longer know what to do about this. The only thing, I have been able to do to is send them Re-Invites a Month out as they continue to get logged out sometimes three times a week. (IT'S ANNOYING)

    I have sent the logs to Parallels where is has been sitting in "Engineering" for more than three months.

    Here is EVERYTHING that has been done:
    SUPPORT tickets:
    • 2605450
    • 2608861
    • 2541518
    • 2621494

    Has anyone experienced, anything like this as well with any of their users and if so what was done to resolve it. I myself also have a Business License and have no issues when I restart machine this is happening only to a hand full of users and it's the same users each time.
    At this point, I am not sure how else to help my users as not even Parallels Support has been able to assist in resolving this issue and only loop me to redundant emails and log conversation loops.

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    Hi, could you please try the same behavior with Parallels Desktop 15. You can do it during the trial period.

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