Windows 10 issue: hidden(?) dialog windows / Parallels 10

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by StefanW4, Oct 20, 2015.

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    I am having display issues with several applications in Windows 10 (running in Parallels 10)

    Sometimes a modal dialog box doesn't show - i.e. is either hidden, off screen or behind the application's main window. When you are clicking inside the window you'll hear a system sound - just like clicking outside a modal dialog box. However, you can still operate the dialog box and enter things, press return or escape. You are just not seeing what you are doing...

    How to reproduce:
    • Settings > Update & Security > Change product key
      - seemingly nothing happens
      - Settings window gets inactive, you'll hear a sound if you want to close it - until you press ESC
    • Windows Edge: download some executable, press yes to run it
      - same as above
      - however, if you press cursor-LEFT followed by RETURN, the executable runs
      - it looks like there is a dialog box with "yes" "no" options somewhere hidden!
    Please provide me with a fix. This is quite annoying!

  2. StefanW4

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  3. DaisukeC

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    I'm facing the same problem. I'm currently using Parallels 11.0.2 but it happened also on Parallels 9. This happens on clean installed Windows 10 + parallels tools. This doesn't happen before installing parallels tools.

    My workaround is to change "User Accounts Control" level from 3rd level to 2nd level (more secure setting).

    How to change UAC level
    • Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Change User Account Control settings
    • select 2nd level (Notify me only when apps try to make changes to my computer).
      *without "don't dim my desktop"

    But I doubt that this issue is cause of more serious system hangup problem. My Windows 10 guest OS ocasionally and randomly becomes unresponsible to mouse click.

    Characteristics of my problem
    • System totally unresponsible to mouse clisk.
    • Mouse cursor moves normally.
    • Beeps when mouse click.
    • High CPU usage of "Windows Desktop Manager" process.
      around 25% of 4CPU so it looks like that the process eats up a full 1 CPU.
    • Keyboard works.
    • I can select shutdown from start menu using keyboard, but the os shutdown process hangs up. So I'm forced to terminate vm.
    It looks like that a invisible system wide modal dialog eats all mouse click event.

    > StefanW4
    Did you have a similar system hangup experience?

    I'm an owner of Parallels 9 and using Parallels 11 with evaluate license. If this problem solved, I will buy Parallels 11 :).

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    I have the same problem in coherence mode, in full screen mode it works.
  5. StefanW4

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    Hi DaisukeC!

    Changing the UAC as you proposed did the trick. Thank you!

    I did not yet experience the "unresponsive issue".
    However occasionally the CPU usage is very high indeed - with the fan running at high speeds. I suspect this might be related to the process of installing updates in the background. I still need to investigate further.

  6. Maria@Parallels

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    Thanks a lot for your help @AmandaG

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