Windows-10 Microphone Boost has no effect, any reason/fix ?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by David Esp, Aug 27, 2021.

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    Windows' microphone level-boost has no effect - no difference at any setting, from minimum (0 dB) to maximum (+40 dB)
    Anyone know why this is or what is the fix please?
    Details below...

    Following successful resolution of my previously posted issue in getting the on-board (macbook) microphone to work at all in Windows 10 VM, now I'd like to adjust its boost-level, but that (slider-control, as below) currently has no effect. Any way to fix this (or my expectation) ?
    In Dialog-Window:[Microphone Properties]...
    • its [Levels] tab...
      • ...the [Microphone] level-control (slider) works as expected
        (though I wish it was logarithmic not - I assume - linear, because audible level changes too quickly at the top)
      • ...the [Microphone Boost] level-control (slider) has no effect (should it?)
        I tried varying from its minimum (0 dB) to its maximum (40 dB)
        I assessed the resulting level via first by the Windows mic-level test and afterwards by the Windows Voice Recorder app
    • its [Advanced] tab, [Exclusive Mode] setting...
      • I tried both un-checking (and [Apply]) and checking (as per its default state) (and [Apply]), then repeating the above tests, but there was no difference - the [Microphone Boost] level-control (slider) still had no effect. I tried it because of advice given in (the final post in) this Microsoft Answers thread.
  2. David Esp

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    I meant the final post on Page 1 of that thread, that suggests un-checking [Exclusive Mode]

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