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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by ShadiK, Feb 12, 2021.

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    Has anyone got information when the Windows 10 Pro production release will be available for MacBook Pro M1 on Big Sur running Parallels 16?
    I don't think the evaluation insider preview version, which hasn't been stable with problems like executing the Edge browser and windows calculator, is able to connect on the active directory domain.
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    Windows 10 Pro production? what do you mean?

    Parallels on the MacBook Pro M1 will only run Windows 10 for ARM (which currently only comes preinstalled on devices) many people are using preview copies.
    Hopefully Parallels and Microsoft can come up with a deal so we can buy Windows 10 for ARM as a license to officially run in Parallels.

    Parallels on the MacBook Pro M1 isn't an emulater so its not going to run Windows 10 Professional which is Intel only.
    Its virtualisation using the ARMs virtualisation features so you can only have ARM based VMs which run Windows 10 ARM and Linux ARM distros.

    I use the developer channel for Windows 10 for ARM (the fast lane) and it does seem to support local domains and azure domains.

    Settings app > Accounts > Access work or school > + Connect > then at the bottom of the dialog there are Joining Domain options.
    I am sure Surface X with the SQ1/2 ARM processors will have business owners who would use domains.

    PS since your post Parallels for Apple Silicon got a major update.
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    Hi guys, please check this Forum thread for more information.

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