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    I am trying to activate my license key on my windows parallel 10 on my mac. I had my sourcing team and my SHI IT teams contact the Parallels team and they provided me with the support URL and phone number (of which you can't talk to anyone). They had explained that my license key that was purchased on May 4th 2020 (had forgotten to update the license key and the older license expired). Here is the order numbers.

    Parallels Order Confirmation :TECD PO# 3508348096 Reseller PO# P19328559 Order# SO00102983

    Purchase Summary


    Total Number of Licenses: 1

    Renewal Date: 5/9/2021
    Order PO: VCRP028015

    I still can't find out how to correct this on my own and the customer support experience is TERRIBLE! Please correct immediately.
  2. Hello, did you purchase Parallels Desktop 10 from official Parallels website?
    Could you provide us with your key via the private message please?
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    No my company that I work for uses SHI (as stated in my previous post) as our sourcing partner for SW and HW. They had purchased the license for me, not through the official website. I provided the order numbers.

    How do I send a PM through this platform? I don't have twitter and both (twitter and fb are blocked from my companies computer)
  4. Please reply me back via the private message.

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