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    I've used other Clipboard managers (in particular one called ClipMenu - discontinued) that allow you to
    - keyboard shortcut to open a menu of items used
    - record snippets - commonly used terms to be able to paste with a keyboard shortcut
    - Sorts your items into folders of 100 or your preference.
    - Choose to paste an option in lowercase, all caps, sentence case, title case etc.
    - Allow you to choose the types of items that can be copied (i.e PDF element or Illustrator would make this program lag so I turned off PDF elements)

    Would be great to add some of these features to this app to make it more usable.
    See attached example of program I use from the top dropdown.

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    I would also be interested in this, in particular:

    - Keyboard shortcuts to open a menu of items used.
    - Record snippets - frequently used terms that you can insert with a keyboard shortcut
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