How to use an external drive for Mac and Windows data storage

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by rexie, Jun 9, 2024.

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    I need help configuring my system.

    I currently use a 2018 Mac Mini with 500GB SSD running Parallels. I am running out of storage space. I would like to use the Mac Mini SSD for the operating system (including Windows) and all software, and an external enclosure for all my data and backups etc. The Mini will act as a server.

    I am unsure how the external drives should be configured. The Mac currently shows as APFS and any Windows NTFS. The 'sharing' option is set so that 'Mac volumes are mapped to Windows' and 'Windows folders are accessed by Mac'. I assume that the external drive needs to be formatted as ExFat so both systems can write to it?

    The HDD enclosure will be connected via USB; I am also worried about this as the VM sometimes does not recognise external HDDs when I've connected them to the Mac.

    I have also checked other threads: one states to move the .vpm to the new drive; another states to change the Hardware setting to Add Hardware and select the relevant disk.

    Can anyone advise what steps need to be taken - and if there are any other traps to be aware of?


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