Realtime Landscaping Architect 2020 not work Realtime Walkthrough in Parallels 18.0.2

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    I have a Mac with an M1 Pro processor. initially, I had Parallels Desktop 17.1.2 and Windows 11 Pro ARM installed.
    In the Windows virtual machine, I installed the Realtime Landscaping Architect 2020 program and the "Realtime Walkthrough" function I needed worked in it.

    I recently upgraded to Parallels Desktop 18.0.2 and the "Realtime Walkthrough" feature stopped working. I launch Realtime Landscaping Architect 2020, click View -> "Realtime Walkthrough" -> Ok at the top and a window appears on my screen with information that an error has occurred in the program.

    I have updated all Visual C++ x64 x86 libraries to the latest versions, and also reinstalled the Realtime Landscaping Architect 2020program, but this did not solve the problem.
    When I removed Parallels 18.0.2 and installed version 17.1.2, the "Realtime Walkthrough" function became functional again.

    I hope you will be able to fix this problem. I used the latest version of the Realtime Landscaping Architect program. Here is the official website
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    I'm currently having the same exact problem but I can not download the previous version so I havee lost complete access to Idea Spectrum 3D Real Walkthrough capabilities. Thank you !!!

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