Transporter Agent 10 stuck, v9 works fine

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by GeorgS, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. GeorgS

    GeorgS Bit Poster

    Hello all,

    after upgrading from PD9 to 10, I wanted to migrate a new image of my companies Win7 laptop. Downloaded Transporter Agent 10, connected a 1 TB USB3 HDD and ran the TA. Starts with estimated duration 25 minutes, but increasing constantly. After 1 hour it stated 12 hours. Aborted migration, followed tips from board (checkdisk /r /f...), but this did not help at all. Several other tries, all the same.
    When I uninstalled TA 10 and went down to TA 9, the migration took the expected 30 minutes.

    Other thing: Automatic log on in TA10 did not accept the password, in TA9 it went through without problems.

    Is there a new build coming up, to fix the problem? Or is there a significant difference between TA 9 and 10, which is worth a new migration?

    Thanks in advance & have a good weekend,
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  2. TCLockhart

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    Glad to know I'm not the only one...

    Been banging my head against this issue for three days now, and just installed Transporter 9 to see if it worked.

    Glad to hear it will, but annoyed that no one seems to have addressed or even acknowledged this issue in version 10.

  3. Stuw

    Stuw Parallels Developers


    could you please send a problem report from Parallels Transporter Agent ?

  4. GeorgS

    GeorgS Bit Poster

    Sorry, but I am on vacation till 29th. Will provide a report later, if this is okay with you.
  5. TCLockhart

    TCLockhart Bit Poster

    Not sure that's possible...

    Parallels Transporter Agent completely hangs, so not sure it's possible to send the problem report with useful data.

    I've uninstalled PTA v10 and ran v9 with great success, completed in expected timeframe and imported beautifully in Parallels for Mac v10.

    I would need to reinstall PTA v10 before I could reproduce the issue and attempt submission again.

    Maybe Friday.

  6. GeorgS

    GeorgS Bit Poster

    Did send a problem report with ID 51006089 - good luck ;)
  7. vanstra

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    Some problem here. Parallels Transporter Agent v10 'hangs' and migration time increased to approximately 33 hours !!!
    With Transporter Agent v9 it took 2 hours without problems.
  8. RamyaS

    RamyaS Product Expert

    Hi All,
    Please follow the steps given below :
    Update your Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac to the latest build 10.1.0 (28600) by following the steps at :
    Download the latest build of ParallelsTransporterAgent-10.1.0-28600 from the link given below :
    You may also refer the Knowledge Base article for more information.
    Initiate the migration and check how it works.
  9. Mathias_Knauer

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