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    Hi all,

    After evaluating Parallels Desktop 10, I've decided to run OS X and Windows separately as I really have little need to run Windows as a VM and so have uninstalled Parallels from my Mac. However, I am having trouble completely removing all aspects of Parallels from both Yosemite and Windows 7 - in particular the shared applications. OS X is still trying to load certain file types using Windows programs, and the list of shared Mac apps still appears in Windows 7.

    An example:
    From the screenshot, you can see that OS X is still trying to open .rar files using the shared WinRAR program from Windows 7, despite having uninstalled Parallels from my Mac (by moving it to Trash and emptying Trash) and changing the default application for this file type. Of course, this is only a minor issue, but one which is time consuming as each time I try to load a file type associated with a shared Windows program, I get the following error message and have to select the correct OS X app from a menu:

    I have searched for help completely removing Parallels Desktop 10 both on the Parallels website and elsewhere, but have so far not found anything to solve this problem. If anyone can help me here, I'd much appreciate it!



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    Hi Steve,
    To uninstall Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac completely from your Mac, please follow the steps provided at:
    If you would like to remove/delete your Virtual Machine and re-install it, please follow the steps given in this link:
    Feel free to get back to us, if you need any further assistance.
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    I just can't erase 3 icons left on Launchpad after uninstall: Win81 Applicacions + 2 (different) Stardock Utility. It is crazy that Parallels doesnt include a complete and reliable uninstalling app for theirs own software! Among other problems ...
    Facts: installed Parallels Desktop 10 in a Mac Pro (late 2011 with Yosemite) and installed Win 8.1 with "Menu win7 option". It never worked: internet was dead, USB connections erratic and the damm cursor never worked at the corners in Win8.1 VM. And the dock-list was allways in the way so I never got to Windows apps! I decided to uninstall Parallels completely, and install it again but with Win 7. Just for peace ... I am a beginner with Mac but I managed to uninstall all of PD 10 EXCEPT these icons. Searching around I found hundreds of Mac users that have problems erasing empty icons in Launchpad! It's a shortcoming in OS but as there are plenty of Parallels users that reasonably has same experience, the problem should have a standard procedure for You at Paralles Inc. I wanted to ask for support at and it is impossible, you allways ends here at the Forum or at Twitter. And there are many many treads to follow up at this Forum, it is overwhelming! Why not a normal mailadress for support?! I'm shurely not the only one with this problem!!
    Back to the point: how do I get rid of these icons, leftovers from Parallels Desktop 10 after uninstall? And if it is too complicated for a non-technician, would these icons interfere with a fresh install of same software ( PD 10) ? Otherwise I plan to reformat the HD and start all over again ... probably without PD. No reason to have a buggy software.
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  4. Manoj@Parallels

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  5. HenrikB

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    Thanks Manoj, it worked ... as far as I know.
    As I wrote I had already removed PD-10 and only 3 orphans icon was left in Launchpad and it was impossible to get rid of them. I just wanted to get them out before reinstalling PD-10 and needed assurance from You (Parallels own expertise) that it wold be ok to do this or that. In KB 112798 the suggestion was to remove only 1 of 2 folders, I removed both (yes! I had 2 "WIN81 Applications" folders but only 1 showed up in Launchpad. In Launch I had 2 more icons generated by Stardock Utility, these never showed when cleaning (see KB 112798) but disappeared when Win81:s icon was gone.

    I can guess somehow the connections between one to other but I do not feel comfortable with Parallels uninstaller. Does you people really know what is left, where and why? I do not expect an public answer to such a question but please note that it is impossible to get in contact to yours Support when PD-10 has been uninstalled. I always ended here at Forum, I could NEVER get in touch with Support.

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