Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 host frozen on login screen getting out of sleep mode running PD11

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Parallels User, Oct 6, 2015.

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  3. GeneM1

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    Here are some of the many threads that deal with the "Mac hangs after sleep" class of problem.
    Date Created Last Updated URL
    04/23/2010 04/23/2010
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    11/03/2014 12/22/2014
    05/28/2015 05/30/2015
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    11/22/2015 11/22/2015
    11/19/2014 12/14/2015

    In the last thread (327257), Parallels Support acknowledged the problem and said their development team was working on a fix for Parallels Desktop 10.

    That was March 4, 2015, But I have not yet seen any clear explanation of the problem(s), promise of when it(they) would be fixed, or whether there exists a proven workaround (other than suspending the VM before putting the Mac to sleep)
  4. ManojK@Parallels

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    This issue can occur due to various reasons. Please try to uninstall Parallels Desktop, reset ACL permissions, create a new admin user on the account, reinstall Parallels from that account and check if the issue persists. If so, please reply your problem report ID as per this article so that we can assist you further.
  5. GeneM1

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    Hi Manoj,
    Please see problem report ID number 85464597 that I sent to Parallels yesterday.
    I'm still seeing the same problem after following your instructions with these minor variations:
    1. Two minor problems with the instructions to reset ACL permissions (
      1. Step 3 "hold the Option (alt) key" did not work on my Mac. I wasted 30 minutes researching this to determine I needed to "hold CMD+R" instead. Afterwards I saw the NOTE about this after Step 6!!!
      2. Step 5, item 3 says "Click 'Repair disk permissions'", but this option is not available on my Mac. I ran the only option available for Repair Disk. This took a few minutes to scan my MacintoshHD, and I saw no repairs reported.
    2. After reinstalling Parallels Version 10.3.0 (29227) from the new admin user account I was able to reproduced the problem with these steps.
      1. Launched Parallels from my normal user account
      2. Closed the lid of the Mac and waited about 8 hours
      3. Opened the lid and saw the Apple logo on the lid light up
      4. But the screen was black, and the keyboard was unresponsive
    3. I noticed that some of the Mac folder shares were not working properly, so I reinstalled Parallels Version 10.3.0 (29227) from my normal account (with admin privileges).
    4. After reinstalling Parallels I saw the same folder share problem, so I manually Reinstalled Parallels Tools to fix this problem.
    5. At this point everything was working as before, but was able to reproduce the problem again (same steps as item 2 above).
    Thanks for your help.
  6. ManojK@Parallels

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    We believe we need to have a remote session so that we can assist you accordingly. To do so, contact us in our tollfree number: +1 888-811-2489

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